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Suzanne Brimley

Suzanne is a Melbourne based actor who enjoys working in film and stage. She started out in youth theatre and has gone on to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre. Since then, she has worked in many international films, plays, children’s theatre and as a drama teacher. Managing her own youth theatre Black Bird, Suzanne enjoys playing many diverse roles and always keeps herself busy with singing and dancing opportunities. Writing and directing her first film 5 Inches Under, Suzanne continues to upskill new and creative traits.

Film: Showreel

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Career Highlights

1. Daylight Savings - 2007.jpg


  • Australia Dot Com directed by Michael Gray Griffith. 

  • Murder Mystery Theatre directed by Jonty Reason.

  • Children’s Theatre Tour directed by Linda Baracchini. 

  • The Alone Experience directed by Lawrence T. Lewis.

  • Dear Masto by Lisa Radford. 

  • Entropia / Vox directed by Samsara Dunston. 

  • Lure directed by Chris Rozanski. 

  • The Winslow Boy directed by Alison Cahill. 

  • Sanctuary directed by Mathew Howat.  

  • Big Love directed by Rob Conkie.

  • Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf directed by Charles Slucki.

  • Daylight Savings directed by Tony Fox.

  •  Ice-cream & Beetroot directed by Narelle Pritchard.

  • Barcodes directed by Patrick Conlan.

  • The History Plays dircted by Patrick Conlan.

  • Tuffet Out directed by Patrick Conlan.

  • Typewrite directed by Patrick Conlan.

  •  Forecast directed by Patrick Conlan

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  • Black Bird Theatre Promotion Video directed by Patrick Hill

  • Five Inches Under directed by Suzanne Brimley.

  • Happy Meal Patient directed by  Patrick Hill.

  • See Ability directed by Dieter Kahsnitz.

  • Stop the Tram directed by Suzanne Brimley.

  • Ubeat directed by Suzanne Brimley. 

  • Date Night  directed by Sean Hellend.

  • Subscription Based directed by Olivier Bonenfant.

  • Smokey directed by Maya Luong.

  • Petty Lie directed by Mohanraj Vj.

  • A Darker Kind of Mind directed by Nathan Klooger. 

  • Bad Gen directed by Augusto Veron.

  •  Bogan Boyfriend directed by Henry Kwan. 

  • I am Not Who You Think I Am  directed by Harish Anji .

  • The Artist directed by Tom Mackie.   

  • The Artist Relapse directed by Tom Mackie.   

  • The Blind Retention directed by Tim Gardner.

  • Payment directed by Lahiru Waidyasekara.        

  • The Aussie Battler directed by William Rotor.

  • Masterpiece directed by Chris Kang.

  • Clare In the Office directed by Nigel Ang.    

  • How Fast Can You Type directed by Sean Hellend.

  • Do It Yourself directed by William Rotor.    

  • The Bar directed by  Peter Spring.                                         

  • Look directed by Ali Mozaffari. 

  • Birthday directed by Maya Luong.                                        

  • Childlike Wonder directed by William Rotor.                         

  • Acacia directed by Glenn Ellis.      

  • Leeches directed by Lalit Bhusal.   

  • The Unknown Region directed by Eldin Deng. 



  • The Fires - Azure Management Agency

  • La Brae - Azure Management Agency

  • Promises - Real People Agency 


Voice Over

Driven to Succeed

  • Radio Play - Runyon Jones directed by Charles Slucki.

  • Narrator - Unwavering written by Ida Nahid. 

  • Narrator - The Year of Almost written by Sean Hellend. 

1. Children's Theatre - 2018.jpg

Web Series

Housemates directed by Charlotte Squires.

2. Vox.jpg


  • Diploma of Education - Victorian University.

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree - Theatre La Trobe University.

  • Certificate IV / Diploma:  Music Theatre  (Drama)

Creative Arts & Technology.  

1. Bull Horn.jpg


  • Toyota Car Commercial - Azure Management Agency.

  • TAC Commercial - Real People Agency.

  • Bullhorn Commercial - Medea Films.

  • Safeway Commercial  - Real People Agency.

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  • Cracked Actors - American Accent Training

  • Brave Studio - Voice Course

  • Melbourne Studio of Ballet - Beginners Course

  • Aquatic Centre - Yoga

  • Actors Impulse - Meisner Technique

  • MEAA - Lisa Robertson  Audit Masterclass

  • The Salsa Foundation -  Salsa Course

  • The Salsa Foundation - Bachata Course

  • Anousha Zark Casting - Micaeley Gibson

  • MEAA - Anna Mc Crossin-Owen US Dialect Workshop

  • 2 DIVAS Casting - Maria Efthymiopoulos

  • MEAA  - Russell Fletcher Improvisation Workshop

  • Action Theatre - Danielle Cresp

  • Film & TV Studio International - Craig McMahon

  • Singing Coach - Antonio Rullez

  • Stella Alder Academy of Acting -Tim Craig

  • Screen Actors - Belinda Sharp

  • The Birmingham Theatre School - Acting                             

  • Acting Coach -  Charles Slucki 

  • Essential Voice -  Rae Henry

  • Bouverie Clinic (Breakthrough Performance) - Bryan Derrick

  • La Mama Theatre (Work Experience) - Liz Jones

  • Tempo Music School - Kathy Gossip

  • Victorian Youth Theatre - Patrick Conlan                                     

Special Skills







Film: The Blind Retention


Theatre: The Winslow Boy

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